Apple Music Takes the lead

here are a lot of music lovers among the owners of Apple. It's not for nothing that the company pays special attention to its musical direction: it released its own streaming service and AirPods, launched various shows and so on. Not in vain because even with a smaller audience compared to competitors tracks in Apple Music listen much more and more often.

We are also constantly in search of new releases in Apple Music, and one of the last can not fail to mention, because this is the fifth studio album of the legendary band Thirty Seconds To Mars with the spoken name "AMERICA". Now these alternatives collect entire stadiums, and it all began in the distant 1998, when the brothers Jared and Shannon Leto founded their own group.


Admit, who did not hear the track Hurricane in 2009-2010, and most importantly, did not watch the brilliant clip to it? Until now, it is considered a visiting card of the group, although initially it was met by fans ambiguously.

And the clip on the track The Kill (Bury Me) was exactly seen by everyone, because the composition blew up the world charts at once several seasons. Thirty Seconds To Mars always differed in their love for clips with a sense load and a plot (this is not modern pop music with a couple of movements for all the videos).

In the new album, the vocal of Jared Leto has not changed at all, although a lot of time has passed. One of the striking proofs to this is the track Walk On Water, which is on the first place in the list of compositions of the album "AMERICA". And just try to say that you have not heard it!

Closer to the release, which took place on April 6, the band began to release tracks from the new album - Rescue Me, One Track Mind and others. We already had time to get acquainted with all the tracks of the album "AMERICA" and singled out at least 5 songs that saved that very spirit of Thirty Seconds To Mars. We offer you to listen to the novelty of the legendary band - you can do it lower if you have a subscription to Apple Music, and you can completely buy it.

Apple's senior vice president Eddie Cue said that Apple Music already has 38 million subscribers at its disposal, and about 8 million people use the service on a trial subscription. On average, every week the service receives an increase of 400,000 new subscribers.

And it should be noted that the growth rates have been really impressive lately. In just 5 weeks, streaming service has acquired 2 million subscribers, this is the fastest growth since the launch of the service in 2015. The number of subscribers changed as follows:


  • October 2015: 6.5 million
  • January 2016: 10 million
  • February 2016: 11 million
  • April 2016: 13 million
  • June 2016: 15 million
  • September 2016: 17 million
  • December 2016: 20 million
  • June 2017: 27 million
  • September 2017: 30 million
  • February 2018: 36 million
  • March 2018: 38 million

Nevertheless, the palm tree still holds Spotify with its 71 million subscribers, which is almost twice as much as Apple Music. However, Spotify has an undeniable advantage - the ability to listen to music on a free basis. According to the latest calculations, the number of such users can reach 159 million.

However, even Spotify can not always go into a plus. Jimmy Iowin, the tutor of Apple Music, recently stated that the music streaming services "do not make any money", justifying it by the fact that the standard subscription of 9.99 dollars is completely unprofitable.

However, the profit of its own streaming service, apparently, is not so worried about Apple, because it has the opportunity to sell other products and services.

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